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Doing a Super metroid fanart is my obsession, right now, but i have commissions to finish before i can start anything personal, so i did some research, for later, so i don’t lose my idea ^_^ 

The first one is my vision of Zebes, i only played 2D metroid, but i imagine easily all the vegetation and, i kinda like this planet. 

Second one is my idea of that peacefull moment, after a mission, when you are alone, in the space, the imensity of the universe in front of you … 

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Asahina(?) Yukiko & Daichi Yori cleaned up sketchLegend of the Five Ring OCs of Gustyfoxy
I liked the bg (originally I wanted to add some blossom but that’s, but not sure if it goes well with the characters and the story, waiting for feedback.


Asahina(?) Yukiko & Daichi Yori cleaned up sketch
Legend of the Five Ring OCs of Gustyfoxy

I liked the bg (originally I wanted to add some blossom but that’s, but not sure if it goes well with the characters and the story, waiting for feedback.

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Sharing Webcomics



I’ve realized that I’ve discovered quite a few webcomics over the past year or two, so I thought I would share them on the off chance that someone else might find them as interesting as I do.

This is not a complete list in the least, as there are a lot of them out there. But I thought I would…

I haven’t read most of those, so I know how I’M spending the next six hours. Hope you don’t mind me jumping on, but… we should totally get a chain going here. To add to Bross’s (Bross’? Brosses?) list, here are my picks. Only gonna mention webcomics I figure are underexposed.

 Poorcraft by Iron Spike

  • Awesome tips for living well on less. Sure, she could’ve just published this as a handbook or a pamphlet or something, but presenting this frugal almanac as two neighbors having a discussion, it’s just as entertaining as it is helpful. Plus it has this sorta steamboat willie artstyle kinda thing going on. 

Uh oh, it’s a Dinosaur by andrwblz

  • The ongoing adventures of ultra-neurotic retail-worker Paul and an escaped science lizard, Kyra. Kyra’s got all the curiosity of a small child and twice the intelligence, while Paul is a floundering, well-intentioned nincompoop. Sometimes there are bad secret service guys to elude, but mostly there are heartwarming tales of discovery. Don’t let the art put you off; it evolves a lot.

Cucumber Quest by Gigi

  • So, every hundred years or so, some dork villain gets it into their head to gather these power orbs and revive the Nightmare Knight, but luckily, there’s always been a hero to thwart them. This time around, that hero is Cucumber, who is a complete wimplord and 1000% reluctant. Good thing his little sister, Almond, is here to kick butt and take names. Something’s totally up with these badguys—something more than meets the eye. Also everyone is bunnies.

Templar, Arizona by Iron Spike

  • Some of the best world building, true-to-life dialogue, and complex characters in fiction right here. Ben’s just moved to a small city in Arizona. Templar. It’s an odd town, rife with bizarre subcultures and quirky residents. While it’s a story set in the U.S., history has clearly diverged somewhere along the line. This a world that’s very much like ours, but a little bit twisted. This is a fascinating read, and you’re gonna want to read it through a few times just to catch stuff you missed. Moooostly worksafe, discounting like one nude scene, but the dialogue can on occasion get kinda raunchy. In a good way.

Nice! I’ll have to take a look at those. And hopefully the ones I highlighted are interesting for you.

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