Clockwork Watcher

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Today’s loot (for now?)

- finished the closeups for the locker room.

And with that out of the way, started integrating everything! You can see the results of some of that above.There are about half the background left to do, but I was itching to see stuff moving around.

Among other points, I’m testing how I can integrate characters relative to each specific background, so it doesn’t look generic but rather each scene has different placement and relative distance. I’m also toying with several framings for the character : closeups, full frame and far off, with the possibility of mixing some of these in a single scene. That would mean I’d need to put back some higher quality sprites for the closeups, we’ll have to see how much memory that gobbles, but if it stays manageable, well - I’ll certainly play more with that!

That last screenshot is some unexpected side effect that happened while I was playing around with character’s coordinates and size, oops!

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