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»FREE BALL!!: A Haikyuu!! Anthology is now open for pre-order until Sept. 26!!«

The theme is friendship and the relationships between all the characters in Haikyuu!!, because although we love Karasuno to bits and pieces, there are so many great connections and friendly rivalries that they develop in their journey that truly make the story beautiful.

So before I rant too much! Measuring at 8.5x11” and perfect bound, the book is $20 +$5 shipping for North America (+10 international)! It totals 40 full color pages with 25 illustration pages, 4 comic pages, and 7 sketch pages! Pre-order bonuses are exactly as listed, with a set of Haikyuu!! buddy buttons for every pre-order and a sheet of Karasuno Cheer Squad stickers for the first fifteen! Pre-orders end on September 26 and are expected to ship in November!!

Featured artists:

Guest artists: 

More previews will be released as the end date comes closer! Thanks so much for all your support, everyone worked super hard on this book and I appreciate every single one so, so much!!

Hey guys! I made a couple of illustrations for this fanart anthology book! If you like Haikyuu!! please consider buying it, thanks.:)

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